Directors Moved from Charity Register Over Safety Fears

By Andrew Heaton

(image via NICVA)

Directors of two Christian charities have had their names removed from a public register over safety fears, according to media reports.

News Corporation has reported that board members of the Lachlan Murdoch Institute and the Australian Christian Lobby have been removed from its public register after agreeing to a request from the charities to keep the names private.

The move follows a campaign led by two activists against IBM for hiring Sydney based Mark Allaby as a managing partner.

Led by Greens 2014 candidate Rod Swift and Aleph Melbourne (Jewish LGBTI support group) convenor Michael Barnett, the campaign claimed that Mr Allaby’s role on the board of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute – which organises internships for young Christians – means his appointment was incompatible with IBM’s public support for same sex marriage.

As part of the campaign, lists of ACL members and their jobs were published on Twitter, whilst the charity register was searched and board names circulated.

Australian Christian Lobby Group Director Lyn Sheldon last week hit out at the campaign against Mr Allaby, saying that the harassment of people who express their views represents an attack on freedom of association.

“Where does this all end?”, Sheldon wrote on his blog.

“It ends with every dissenting business and individual forced into doing a Tim and Melanie Cooper-style “hostage video” declaring unqualified support for same-sex marriage.”

“It ends with every employee of corporate Australia afraid to express their view on marriage at work for fear of losing their job.”

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