Australia’s Fundraising Sector Sets New Rules for Itself

By Andrew Heaton

(image via Saga)

Organisations which conduct fundraising activities will act with integrity, be transparent about their operations and will conduct relationships with donors, beneficiaries and suppliers in an ethical fashion under a new voluntary code of conduct.

In its latest announcement, the Fundraising Institute of Australia said its board had approved the Fundraising Institute of Australia Code, which sets out some of the critical principals which its members must adopt in terms of their conduct toward donors, beneficiaries and suppliers.

The most significant aspects of the Code revolve around conduct associated with prospective donors.

Under the Code, for instance, fundraisers must refuse donations where they believe that donors are in vulnerable circumstances, respect requests to refuse donations or to cease receiving solicitations and to make available information about the cause, the organisation, how donor’s contact information was obtained and how complaints can be made.

Those subject to the Code will also be required to respect the dignity of beneficiaries and ensure that relevant parties within the supply chain are aware of the Code as well as that suppler costs incurred within fundraising activities represent fair market value and are reasonable in proportion to the amount of funds raised.

Set to be monitored by a new Code Authority, the Code will come into effect from the beginning of next year.

Whilst the code is voluntary, compliance will apply to all FIA members and be a requirement of FIA membership.

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