Charity Regulator Warns About Email Scam

By Andrew Heaton

(image source: Debit or Credit)

Charities throughout Australia are being targeted by a new scam which askes them to provide detailed contact information, the national charities regulator has warned.

In its latest announcement, the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission says it has been notified of a scam email which claims to offer donations to registered charities in Australia.

According to the statement, an organisation which calls itself ‘International Strategic of the EU’ falsely claimed to be working in consultation with the regulator in order to raise funds as charity donations and asks for detailed contact information to be provided so as to facilitate a payment.

Anyone receiving this email was advised to refrain from providing information and to delete the message immediately, the regulator said.

In its statement, the ACNC reminds charities to be cautious about anything which seems unusual.

“The ACNC advises charities to be wary of any unusual emails, phone calls or letters,” the statement read.

“We recommend that charities check for warning signs in emails, including references to organisations that you cannot find online, contain poor grammar and spelling, are poorly presented, or offer donations in exchange for information.”

The latest warning comes as scam related activity throughout the broader community is on the rise.

In 2016, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it received around 200,000 reports about scams – a 47 percent rise when compared with 2015.

All up, Australians lost $299.8 million to scams last year.

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