NSW Hands Out Cash for Youth Programs

By Andrew Heaton

(image via Compare Holiday Money)

Charities, local councils and community groups in New South Wales are set to share in more than $1 million in funding for youth related activities as the government in that state unveils its latest round of funding.

In his latest announcement, the New South Wales Minister Responsible for Youth Ray Williams said that more than $1.1 million will be made available to councils and organisations under the latest round of the NSW Government’s Youth Opportunities Program.

First adopted in 2012, the program provides one-off grants of up to $50,00 for programs which engage young people to lead and participate in community development activities.

Programs funded last year included one conducted by Auburn Small Community Organisation Network aimed at helping young people to obtain their first job ($45,298), $14,250 for the Centre of Hope to conduct a program whereby youth were encouraged to explore issues through filmmaking and $48,230 awarded to a program run by Marist Youth Care to encourage and foster entrepreneurship amongst young people.

Williams said the government was looking for projects which would have a strong and positive impact upon the lives of young Australians.

“The Youth Opportunities program is focused on engaging with young people and removing barriers that prevent them from participating more in their community,” Williams said.

“Whether you are a teenager or in your 20s, our Government wants to help everyone realise their full potential.”

Williams said projects funded during previous rounds had focus upon fostering a range of skills which he says are essential for capitalising upon life’s opportunities and forging a successful career.

These include leadership, communication and teamwork as well as event management and planning.

Applications close on June 26, with successful applicants to be announced later in the year.

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